Salins Group, Inc – Customer Focused for Over a Decade

If you asked Ben Collins why he wakes up every day to take the reins as President at Salins Group, Inc., he’d start out by saying that he’s eager each morning to work with clients and build their dreams-one home at a time. In fact, most of the philosophy and measurements of success at Salins Group are hinged upon fairness and honesty with clients, while building a brand based on a reputation of superior construction.

And much like a new home or renovation, Salins Group doesn’t just run itself. The company has consistently evolved over the years, adding the right people, in the right places, at the right time to support the goal of quality service and outstanding customer satisfaction. Each member of Salins Group brings skills and a level of dedication that gives each customer the highest attention to detail.

Even though average projects sizes in the Charlotte area have grown and decreased over the past decade, that hasn’t stopped Salins Group from competing by being cost-conscious with the business. The company has consistently adapted to the market – offering customers what they want – at competitive prices

Salins Group has been a customer-centric company since 2001, and Ben Collins has no plans to change the way Salins Group does business – meaning customer satisfaction and the highest levels of service and construction will be lasting parts of the Salins Group brand.

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